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Stryder RV is a long term project by Nick Robinson. I have been able to do some work on my Stryder designs while I am in-between jobs, but I will definitely be needing to go back to work or find a rich sponsor if I am ever going to complete the real plans and build a prototype.
...Do you have any Money?


Professionally I am a Mobile Developer using C# & Xamarin.
I have been working with WordPress for a while on Personal Projects (like this) and have also developed and iPhone application.
Recently I have been learning more SolidWorks and I hope to get into some 3D printing in the future.
I have always wanted to build something that fly's and recently had the idea for a water based ground effect vehicle.


Stryder WhiteWelcome to Stryder Recreational Vehicles.

If I ever get the money and space to build something that fly’s, then this is where you will find out about it!

Although it has always been my goal to build a VTOL craft, after moving to the Gold Coast and having all of the water around me, I have come up with the notion that building a water based ground effect vehicle is more practical and while water is hard when you hit it, until it is in the air it is just a boat! (so hopefully a bit safer during testing).

The Stryder is also something of a new technologies platform.  So while I am trying to design the overall craft, I will be working on it’s power source (electricity or hydrogen) and propulsion system(s).

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